Sponsor MidwestUX 2017

Looking for top-notch, hard-to-find UX talent? Midwest UX is the place to be. Our past sponsors have found new hires, amazing consulting firms and big ideas for innovation.

Put your brand in front of 550 practitioners who range range from junior to senior at companies both large and small. Past sponsors include Nationwide, Humana, GE, Forest Giant, Cerner, Old Forester, Angie’s List, Nerdery, Moment and many others.

Conference Sponsorship

Branding at registration
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Prominent branding at speaking venues
Branding projection between talks
Branding on venue wayfinding
Badge or Lanyard Company Name
Badge or Lanyard Company Branding
MWUX Website Company Name
MWUX Website Branding
Social Media Thank You
Event Tickets 8 3 2 0

*Specific venues and materials used for branding benefits are subject to change while we plan the conference.

Event Sponsorship

Happy Hour
Welcome Reception
After Party
Special Event
Prominent branding at venue
Event venue branding
Branded event wayfinding
Event community address
Badge company branding
Badge company name
Branding on MWUX website
Social media thank you
Conference Tickets 5 8 8 TBD
Event Elements and Activities TBD TBD TBD TBD

*Specific venues and materials used for branding benefits ore subject to change while we pion the conference.

In-Kind Sponsorship

In-kind sponsorships are non-cash arrangements that still expose our community to your services and brand. If you would like to donate the following products or services, contact us and we'll work out the details. In-Kind sponsorship requests might include:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Printing
  • T-shirts
  • Internet or Networking Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • AV equipment & services
  • Transportation

*This list is not exhaustive. Call us to see how you can lend a hand!

If you’re interested in sponsoring, or if you have questions, contact us at Sponsorships@MidwestUXConference.com