Every time we embrace a new technology, we lose something. Often, it is something unseen. When we aren't aware of all we're losing, we are gambling with our future each time a new technology is created. As UX-ers, we are intimately involved in this process of technology creation and adoption, so we have a responsibility to evaluate what our users will give up when they bring a new piece of technology into their lives. It might not always be a worthwhile exchange for them, and in many cases, they are us. In this talk, I will describe a model for how to conduct such an evaluation, and I will discuss challenges to using it and how those challenges might be overcome.


Nadav Zohar is a UX researcher, mostly from Ohio. Whether at tiny startups or big corporations, his focus is on improving user experiences with science and empathy. He carries to his job a habit of questioning assumptions and thinking about how to test them. He carries this habit home, too, but tries to keep it in check at the dinner table.

One day when the sum of his kids' ages is greater than seven, he will go back to changing his own oil and recording his own music. Until then he will continue to occasionally write prose and hobble things together out of wood.