As we move into the era of paradigm-shifting experiences and services that bridge the digital and physical worlds, Interactive Art is a great avenue to learn, experiment, and grow as an interaction designer. Whether you choose to create artwork yourself or you become an aficionado, interactive art has much to teach us about the future of UX design.

In my experience working across health care, agriculture, entertainment and beyond, I've seen that physical/digital experiences are quickly becoming a core expectation for our clients and their users. This is a new and quickly evolving arena, and one strategy to stay ahead of the curve professionally is to be aware of what is happening in the digital art realm.

Unlike the screen-based design most of us spend our days creating, immersive experience design is mostly uncharted and uncodified – best practices and conventions are still emerging. It's an exciting time!


Lisa Wood is a UX Strategist and Design Researcher for argodesign. In her role, Lisa is dedicated to uncovering user needs, improving the representation and understanding of information, and designing compelling applications from a usability point of view. She loves to tackle design problems where users need an approachable interface to complex functionality. Her clients have included Honeywell, Dell, Farmlink, and Intel. She's spoken at SXSW Interactive, Maker Faire Austin, Writers' League of Texas, and Girls Who Code. Additionally, her work has been published in HOW Design, CityLab, FastCo Design, and Makezine.