You’re half way through a project, everyone is sitting around a conference table looking at a bunch of documents and someone says: “What is it we’re trying to do again?” You suddenly think to yourself: “Wow! How on earth did we get to this point?”

It’s actually pretty obvious. An inability to understand the complexity of the problem you’re solving, a lack of alignment and not understanding the goals of the project can lead to some serious confusion among team members.

The Wall of Knowledge, or WOK, is a methodology and framework that allows teams to be successful in their discovery work. The WOK allows everything to be gathered in one space, where everyone can actively and organically work through problem-solving. It’s a tool to make sense of chaos.

The WOK concept isn’t new within UX. We’ve always worked things out with Post-it Notes and whiteboards. What’s new is that in this workshop, people will learn how the WOK provides a structure and process that leads to a story everyone can align around.

We’ll look at how to gather all the relevant problem-solving information for the wall. We’ll explore ways to organize, synthesize and visualize this information in a way that’s digestible and leads to a better understanding of what’s going on. This will lead to uncovering and identifying gaps in knowledge. We’ll learn how to shape the story and provide recommendations on what to do.

We’ll look at how to sell the work to your clients and express the value behind the WOK.

Last, we’ll learn how to document the WOK in a final deliverable that provides value to your client.

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Derren Hermann believes in making people’s lives easier. With more than 20 years of experience, he uses design thinking as a way of helping partners solve problems and create clarity in their direction. If Derren had a superhero skill, it would be getting everyone on the same page. As a director on the Nationwide User Experience team, he focuses on designing experiences that help customers meet their goals.