On the surface, military strategy and the design process don’t really seem to have much in common. One is concerned with winning and losing while the other is related to improving the lives of our fellow human beings. However, these two concepts have a lot more overlap than you might think. This talk will explore how the military strategies created by Col. John Boyd – one of the best fighter pilots in U.S history – can be integrated into a more traditional design process. Additionally, this talk will walk through how this integration can improve your process given how quickly the world around us is changing. You’ll walk away with an improved understanding of the fundamentals of strategy and decision making, as well as more process-oriented tools to shape and improve your own design processes.


Daniel Orbach brings an affinity for math and science to his process as designer. He takes a systemic, strategic approach to solving digital design problems, and the variety of projects he worked on before joining Moment – from warehouse optimization to cars of the future–illustrate the adaptability of his techniques. At Moment, he has led workshops in tech education and designed products and tools used in retail banking and healthcare.